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With a passion for sustainability, Titan Energy is committed to providing power to your home or business that benefits the environment.

Providing the best products in the industry, we use sunlight as a renewable energy source rather than burning fossil fuels.

Our thourough reseach and determination has played a significant role in providing clean, affordable and reliable energy to homes and businesses around Australia installed with high quality products at a market value price.

Leading the way and providing clarity from beginning to end, we value the way we treat our customers. From quotes and cost clarity, ease of sign up - to the installation process, we’ll be there for you throughout the entire journey.

Another one of our passions, sustainability, is the main driver behind Titan Energy. Our goal is to help reduce energy to ensure a more efficient world for schools, businesses, and factories. As part of that goal, we strive to offer recycling resources and insight to how beneficial solar panels are to the environment.